Welcome to RazzleStars

Musical theatre classes for children and teenagers from age 6 to 17 are held on Saturdays in Calderwood Community Hall, East Kilbride. Adult members are also occasionally invited to join in the performances.

If you love to sing and entertain, our classes are great fun for everyone. We learn songs and routines from classic musicals as well as pop tunes old and new.

The classes mainly involve singing, with a bit of dance movement and acting thrown in along the way. There are opportunities to take part in various shows, competitions and local events but the main aim is to have fun at the classes, to meet new friends and to learn to perform.


We learn musical theatre numbers from a variety of shows including the old favourites and other popular tunes. To mix things up a bit, we also do pop songs, rock classics and all sorts of styles, with a bit of country music thrown in now and again.


We love to perform to an audience and the classes help to build up the techniques and confidence to take part in shows and competitions.


The musical theatre class enjoys going out to local events to entertain other groups in the area. We’ve taken part in charity nights, presentation evenings and put on concert parties for residents of sheltered housing.